Scalper (vibro-sieve) OSC/OSCS for grain pre-cleaning

The OSC/OSCS scalper is a pre-cleaner for grain or seeds with one vibrating sieve that separates all large-size impurities such as stones, pieces of ground, straw, spikelets and others from the starting material. The main function of this scalper is pre-cleaning. OSC scalper is recommended for a starting material with above 5% level of impurity (organic, eco-material) as a separate pre-cleaning unit.

OSC can be installed on the feed hopper of ALS aerodynamic separator as an additional module, which makes high-quality pre-cleaning for even highly impure material during only one pass.

OSC as a stationary unit with a special rack for independent work as a pre-cleaner is called OSCS.

The principle of operation of the OSC/OSKS scalper

The principle of operation of the OSC scalper is based on the directed vibrations of the sieve, which ensures the sifting of the granular mass and the separation of impurities which slip away through a special chute. The productivity depends on the sieve square.

The OSCS standard set includes: OSC scalper, 1 sieve, rack, control panel.

OSC/OSCS scalpers advantages

  • effective pre-cleaning;
  • no grain damage during operation;
  • sieves cleaning by rubber balls during OSC/OSCS operation;
  • exceptional reliability and economy;
  • components of world leaders “Schneider”, “Danfoss” and others;
  • manufacturing with modern equipment from “Bystronic”, “Trumpf”, “Kemppi”, “Onyx”;
  • sales of equipment to over 20 countries (USA, EU, etc.);
  • The CE certificate for OSC is on the last page.

Stationary double scalper (vibro-sieve) DSC

The DSC double scalper is biaxial high-productivity machine with two vibrating sieves made for advanced pre-cleaning of various grain and seeds from large and small impurities. On the first sieve with bigger holes DSC separates large impurities from the starting material – straw, spikelets, stones, pieces of ground etc., directing them to the side chute. In turn the second sieve with smaller holes sifts light impurities like dust, chaff, pieces of straw, grain, etc., while granular mass slips through the frontal chute.

DSCs are using as independent units with standard set as follows: double scalper DSC, 2 sieves, rack and control panel.

OSC scalper parameters

OSC-5 OSC-15 OSC-30 OSC-40 OSC-70
Productivity, t/h 7 15 30 40 70
Sieve’s dimensions, mm 710×470 1300×470 1300×1000 1300×1150 1850×1650
Energy consumption, kW/h 0.37 0.37 0.37 0.37 0.55
Length, mm 800 1680 1680 1680 2111
Width, mm 600 670 1200 1350 1860
Height, mm 805 940 940 940 1035
Weight, kg 80 170 220 240 405
Price €1750 €2350 €2590 €2850 €3550

Parameters of the stationary scalpers OSCS and DSC

OSCS-15 OSCS-30 OSCS-40 OSCS-70 DSC-20 DSC-40
Productivity, t/h 15 30 40 70 10 12
Sieve’s dimensions, mm 1300×470 1300×1000 1300×1150 1850×1650
Energy consumption, kW/h 0.37 0.37 0.37 0.55 0.55 0.55
Length, mm 1680 1680 1680 2111 2010 2010
Width, mm 670 1200 1350 1963 1430 1580
Height, mm 940 940 940 1035 1725 1725
Weight, kg 170 220 240 405 370 440
Price €3100 €3450 €3700 €4550 €3700 €4150