Grain cleaner ALS-5n

2 800 € 

Productivity in cleaning/calibration mode (t/hour)
7 / 3,5

Dimensions, mm (length x width x height)
1870 x 852 x 1884

Energy consumption
0,75 KW 220V 50HZ

Weight (kg)

Description of grain cleaner ALS-5n

ALS-5n is a grain cleaning machine of new generation intended for cleaning and calibration of any grain, grain legumes, melons and gourds, vegetable and herbal crops, as well as all kinds of granular mixtures. The separator shows high efficiency when working with the following cultures: wheat, corn, oats, flax, barley, rye, millet, sorghum, peas, soya, beans, lentil, buckwheat, rape, mustard, sunflower, coffee beans.

There are 4 modes of grain processing in ALS-5n separators:

  • Preliminary grain cleaning;
  • Primary grain cleaning;
  • Seed calibration (grain sorting);
  • mixed mode (simultaneous cleaning and calibration).

The main advantages of ALS-5n are mobility and ability to work from the usual socket of 220 V. It is easy to move it around the warehouse, as it is equipped with wheels and its weight is only 100 kg. Loading in a separator is made by worm wheel, pneumatic or tape loaders. Grain from fractions as a rule is taken away through pipes in acceptance supply bins or any other tanks. Also there are clips for bags completed with separator.

This grain separator is ideal for use in small farms with the area under crops up to 300 hectares.