Grain cleaner ALS-10

4 400 €

Productivity in cleaning/calibration mode (t/hour)
10 / 5

Dimensions, mm (length x width x height)
2351 x 770 x 2398

Energy consumption
0,1-0,75 KW 380V 50HZ

Weight (kg)

Scalper OSK-10

14 t/hour

Dimensions, mm (length x width x height)
1680 x 670 x 940

Energy consumption
0,37 kW (max), 220V, 50HZ

Weight, kg

Cyclone dust collector

The WOK cyclone is connected to the ALS separators and is used for extraction with a fan and settling in a special chamber of all light fractions, going out from the ALS through the light fractions channel.

Description of grain cleaner ALS-10

Separator ALS-10 is equipment intended to clean up any kind of garbage, and sorting by weight, of seeds of grain, leguminous, feeding, olive and herbal crops.

Air separator ALS-10 does not contain any sieves. The whole process of grain processing is in the air stream. Separation of particles of grain mixture is made according to 2 parameters – weight and sailing capacity. The principle of operation of the grain separator ALS-10 can be clearly seen here. It is capable to work with grain containing any impurity and of any humidity. Agrosepmash separator is intended to clear and calibrate seeds of such cultures: wheat, corn, sunflower, barley, sorghum, millet, rice, oats, peas, lentil, soya, rape, buckwheat, lupine, mustard, flax, coffee beans, seeds of herbs, seeds of vegetables and melon seeds.

Besides, ALS-10 separator can be used to calibrate not phytogenous bulk materials. For example: rubble, granite crumb, coal crumb, crumb of iron ore and so on.

There are 4 modes of grain processing in separators ALS-10:

  • Preliminary grain cleaning;
  • Primary grain cleaning;
  • Seed calibration (grain sorting);
  • Mixed mode (simultaneous cleaning and calibration).

ALS-10 is not a self-moving machine, as, for example OVS-25. It can be permanently installed or completed with wheels in order to be moved. When using separator ALS-10 in a warehouse, it must be equipped with an additional loader and arrangements for removal of grain from the calibrated fractions shall be made. When using it at ZAV, feeding to the separator shall be made with the help of bucket elevator, and off take from fractions shall be directed in acceptance supply bins.

Grain separator ALS-10 does not require complicated maintenance. Sometimes it is necessary to do external cleaning, internal cleaning is carried out automatically, working in reverse mode.