Choose productivity

Grain cleaner ALS-60

in cleaning mode
60 t/h
in calibration mode
30 t/h
The width of the separation chamber 1 620 mm
Dimensions, mm
(length x width x height)
2351 x 1816 x 2398
Energy consumption 0,1-2,25 KW 380V 50HZ
Weight 1 150 kg
Price € 13 400

Additional options that can be attached to this product:
+ Prolonged chutes (included in the standard set)
+ 2X hopper extension (€325 netto)
+ OSC-70 scalper, stationary, separate from ALS (€3550 netto)
+ 1850×1650 sieve for OSC-70 (€120-200 netto)

ALS grain cleaners advantages. Dimensions

The most important parameter that ensures productivity is the width of the separation chamber. The wider the separation chamber – the wider the separators hopper is, and the wider the hopper – the wider the grain layer is. A wider layer of grain provides a bigger grain pouring to the separation chamber and, accordingly, productivity. Sure, you can increase the pouring by increasing the thickness of the grain layer from the hopper, but in this case you can forget about the quality of separation. A more powerful fan will also not save you, because the collision of seeds in a thick layer happens too often, and the separation becomes a chaotic process.


The wing impeller alone is not suitable for use in cleaning devices. It produces a stream that is heterogeneous in cross-section and very turbulent, the air moves progressively, rotatingly and swirls – turbulence appears. Whereas our ALS separators have a very effective aerodynamic system thanks to a special straightening device (straightener) developed by our engineers. It is installed directly after the impeller and eliminates all the above-mentioned drawbacks of the wing impeller itself. The presence of a straightener in our separators increases the precision of grain separation by 20-30% compared to separators with only the rotor and fan.

POK aspiration system

ALS separators can be equipped with additional options to increase productivity and improve grain processing. We have developed POK cyclones (dust collectors) – technologically advanced systems of suction and deposition in a special chamber of all the lightest impurities (dust, chaff) flowing out of the ALS through the light fraction discharge channel.

Light fraction catcher ULF

New device! We have developed and produced additional equipment for the ALS aerodynamic separators – light fraction catcher (ULF). The main function of the new device is to catch and hold light impurities from the air stream coming out of the separator.

OSC scalper (vibro-sieve)

When the extent of impurity of the starting material exceeds 5% or you have a grain mixture to clean or herbs seeds, we highly recommend using additional cleaning equipment – OSC scalper. It separates any coarse fractions from the starting material such as stones, pieces of ground, straw, spikelets, sticks etc. OSC is designed to work together with the ALS grain cleaner, but can also be used separately as a pre-cleaner.

Description of grain cleaner ALS-60

Separator ALS-60 is equipment intended to clean up any kind of garbage, and sorting by weight, of seeds of grain, leguminous, feeding, olive and herbal crops. More detailed information about the differences of Alistan-agro grain separators from its analogs you can find in this article.

Air separator ALS-60 does not contain any sieves. The whole process of grain processing is in the air stream. Separation of particles of grain mixture is made according to 2 parameters – weight and sailing capacity. The principle of operation of the grain separator ALS-60 can be clearly seen here. It is capable to work with grain containing any impurity and of any humidity. Agrosepmash separator is intended to clear and calibrate seeds of such cultures: wheat, corn, sunflower, barley, sorghum, millet, rice, oats, peas, lentil, soya, rape, buckwheat, lupine, mustard, flax, coffee beans, seeds of herbs, seeds of vegetables and melon seeds.

Besides, ALS-60 separator can be used to calibrate not phytogenous bulk materials. For example: rubble, granite crumb, coal crumb, crumb of iron ore and so on.

There are 4 modes of grain processing in separators ALS-60:

  • Preliminary grain cleaning;
  • Primary grain cleaning;
  • Seed calibration (grain sorting);
  • Mixed mode (simultaneous cleaning and calibration).

ALS-60 is not a self-moving machine, as, for example OVS-25. It be permanently installed or completed with wheels in order to be moved. When using separator ALS-60 in a warehouse, it must be equipped with an additional loader and arrangements for removal of grain from the calibrated fractions shall be made.

Grain separator ALS-60 does not require complicated maintenance. Sometimes it is necessary to do external cleaning, internal cleaning is carried out automatically, working in reverse mode.