Stationary seed treater PNS-5

Productivity 2 – 5 t/h
Working liquid 100 l
Delivery of the liquid 0,1 – 3,3 l/min
Energy consumption 1,5 kW
Dimensions 163 x 122 x 175 cm
Weight 160 kg


The seed treater is designed to treat seeds of cereals and legumes with water solutions or suspensions of treating agents.

It is a mobile three-wheeled unit consisting of a tank with a hydraulic mixer, a pump unit, a hopper, a seed meter, a mixing-and-unloading auger with a distributor of seeds, dosing pump for working liquids and a control panel.

The seed treater is equipped with a slow-speed blade auger with rubber pads to treat seeds of cultures prone to damage. The main assembly units of the seed treater are made of stainless steel.