Stationary seed treater PNS-5-01 (designed to fill big bags)

Wydajność 1 – 5 t/g
Wysokość załadunku nasion w zbiorniku 2600 mm
Wysokość zawieszenia worów 1500 mm
Pojemność zbiornika płynu roboczego 100 dm3
Podawanie roztworu 0,1 – 3,3 l/min
Zużycie energii 1,5 kW
Wymiary 2800 x 2000 x 2600
Waga 220 kg



The seed treater is designed to treat seeds of cereals, legumes, soya and sunflower with water solutions, or suspensions of treating agents in accordance with the “List of pesticides and agrochemicals authorized for use in Ukraine” and to unload treated seeds into big bags.

It is a mobile three-wheeled unit consisting of a tank with a hydraulic mixer and a pump unit, a hopper, a seed meter, a mixing-and-unloading auger with a distributor of seeds, dosing pump for working liquids and a control panel.

The seed treater is equipped with a slow-speed blade auger with rubber pads to treat seeds of cultures prone to damage. The installed frequency converter makes it possible to change the speed of the auger. The main assembly units of the seed treater are made of stainless steel.

PNS-5-01 stationary seed treater is designed to unload treated seeds into big bags.