PNSh-3 (01) “Farmer” auger-type seed treater (designed to fill big bags)


Type mobile
Productive capacity for 1 h of the processing time (when treating wheat grain) 1,5 — 3,0 t/h
Number of drum sections 4
Dry (structural) mass, no more than 165 kg
Working liquid tank capacity, no more than 50 dm3
Delivery of the solution by the dosing device 0,1 – 0,5 dm3/min
Power supply – from the AC electrical power network 380 V
Power consumption 1,1 kW
Height of loading seeds into the hopper, no more than 1000 mm
Seed hopper capacity, no less than 60 dm3
Height of hanging bags to the discharge spout 1400 mm
Overall dimensions, no more than 3515 x 1205 x 1980 mm
Service life, no less than 5 years


The updated version of the PNSh-3 “Farmer” Auger-type Seed Treater is designed to unload treated seeds into big bags.

The seed treater is designed to treat seeds of cereals with water solutions or suspensions of treating agents.

The seed treater is a mobile four-wheeled unit consisting of a tank with a hydraulic mixer, a dosing pump for working liquids, a hopper, a seed meter, a rubber-coated auger to treat seeds of cultures prone to damage with discharge spouts and a working liquid dosing device.