Chamber seed treater PK-20 (02) “Super” P

Productive capacity 3 – 20 t/h
Charging auger width 2 – 3 m
Charging height 4,1 m
Tank capacity 240 l
Delivery rate of the working solution by means of the NP-02 dosing pump 0,1 – 3,3 l/min
Power consumption 7,5 kW
Dimensions 5220 х 4850 х 4300
Weight 640 kg



The seed treater was developed taking account of the wishes of farmers with the purpose to equip the seed treater PK-20 “Super” with additional options and parameters.

The seed treater design features a tank with increased capacity for working liquids, the significantly increased height of discharging of treated seeds, a modified drive, improved stability, a mounted mechanism for lifting the discharging auger and possibility to turn it by an angle of 180°, and modern actuators of the control panel. The seed treater is equipped with a peristaltic dosing pump NP-02 for supplying the working liquid.

The seed treaters are equipped with a filling-in strainers and aspecial halogen spotlight for use in premises with low light. On request, the seed treaters can be completed with an aspiration system and a module for applying liquid inoculants. Additionally, the seed treater is supplemented with software for possible functioning in the mode of automatically controlled supply of the working liquid (SARR).