Auger seed treater PNSh-5 “Hospodar” P

Productivity 1,2 – 5,5 t/h
Working liquid 50 l
Delivery of the liquid 0,1 – 3,3 l/min
Energy consumption 2,2 kW
Dimensions 235 x 157 x 151 cm
Weight 245 kg


The seed treater is a self-propelled unit with the electric electrically-driven mechanisms. Seeds are treated in a special treating auger. The picking-up auger ensures mechanized loading of seeds into the treating unit. The function of the self-propelling driving unit is controlled by a sensor that provides the automatic movement of the treater towards the grain heap. The machine is compact, easy to operate and ensures high maneuverability. They are manufactured in two versions: with a constant level dosing device or with a peristaltic dosing pump NP-02 for working liquid supply. The peristaltic dosing pump makes it possible to work with multi-component working solutions and ensures excellent dosing accuracy and stability of the working solution.