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Grain cleaner RBS

Grain material in the aspirator. Counterweights damper ensures the accumulation of grain, evenly distributing it across the width of the entire hopper and metered flow in channel separation. Channel separation through the grain mass runs counter air pressure, taking with them dust and light impurities. Air movement creates an external fan. Light impurities are deposited in sediment Chamber aspirator, and displays outward screw conveyor. Air with dust is blown into the cyclone, where it is cleaning the. Next grain enters the drum moving. Depending on the perforation of sieves, through them can be either small trash , either main crop seeds seeds (bushing (sieves)). Large impurity does not pass through the sieves and go drum edge.

Model Provisional/Primary cleaning/Calibration, t/h Drum diameter, mm Number of sections of the drum Power consumption, kW Length, mm Width, mm Height, mm Price, €
Grain cleaner Aspirator сontrol panel aspiration  system Total
RBS-40 40/25/5 630 4 2,2 4070 1475 3340 7320 € 3000 € 1290 € 2600 € 14210 €
RBS-50 50/25/7,5 900 3 2,6 3580 1692 3605 9440 € 4215 € 1560 € 2940 € 18155 €
RBS-75 75/50/10 900 4 2,6 4390 1692 3605 10700 € 4215 € 1630 € 3310 € 19855 €
RBS-150 150/75/15 1270 3 5,1 4560 2210 4190 13900 € 4740 € 1970 € 3930 € 24540 €
RBS-200 200/120 1270 4 5,1 5680 2210 4190 15500 € 4740 € 2270 € 4345 € 26 855 €
RBS-230 230/170/25 1270 5 6,6 6810 2210 4190 17350€ 5920 € 2690 € 6425 € 32385 €

What culture you can handle at RBS?

Grain separators RBS can handle absolutely any crops. For each culture that establishes the set of sieves and punching selected aspiration settings. Depending on the culture will change performance machine. Preparing the machine performance rated RBS indicated when working with wheat specific weight 760 kg/m3.

Why the need for aspirator?

The presence of aspirator allows you to select from grain light impurities and dust from the grain before it reaches the drum machines. Reduction of small impurities in grain helps reduce the number of  sieves and replace them with the bushing, that will significantly increase the productivity of the machine. In addition, not all garbage impurity it is possible to separate on the screens. For example, husk, you can pull out only the air flow.

What is included in the delivery Kit?

A complete set of delivery of grain cleaning machines RBS enters drum separator, aspirator, Control Panel, one set of sieves and aspiration system (fan and cyclone with gateway gate).

What ensured the reliability of RBS?

Cleaning machine has a durable chassis team RBS, consisting of steel panels, covered with powder enamel. But the main advantage of separators RBS is direct drive drum. This type of drive unit reduces noise and vibration at work, eliminates torque loss during transit. In case of overload the drum, separator with direct drive just displays an error, and the usual will burn the belt. And on such an operation as a replacement drive belt or a pulley holder knows no sleep nor, no spirit.