All manufacturers of aerodynamic separators confidently claim that expences on their machines pay off for one season. But it is not true. Alistan-agro separators pay off at least in 2-3 times for one season. Too good to be true? Simple calculation will allow to prove truthfulness of the above statements.

Let’s take a farm «X» with the area of 100 hectares as an example for calculation. In most cases, such small farms use old sieve machines both for crop cleaning, and for selection of sowing material. The seeds, which have been selected in such a way, are characterized by poor quality. They give 10-40% percent smaller harvest in comparison with the seeds, which have been selected by means of aerodynamic or gravitational separators. That is, using Alistan-agro separator for selection of sowing material, you increase productivity of fields at least by 10 %, and on the average by 20-25 %.

Let’s suppose that our farm «X» grows up wheat. Average productivity of this culture in Ukraine makes 30 c/hectares. That means that during the season it makes 300 t of wheat. But if seeds selected on our separator were used for crop, the crop would make at least 330 t (10 % higher). Now let’s invert this increase of a crop into USD: 30 t *320 USD/t = 9 600 USD. Cost of the least productive separator ALS-5 is 3300 USD. The figures clearly show that in the conditions of farm «X» separator ALS-5 will pay off in almost 3 times for 1 year.

If you think that it is not possible to increase productivity through the use of qualitative sowing material, you are mistaken. And do not assign all responsibility for productivity to the weather. Do not wait for a good harvest, having sown bad quality seeds to the earth. Introduction of the new equipment and technologies undoubtedly gives results. Such countries as Namibia and Zambia prove that it is possible to achieve good results in spite of the adverse conditions, through the use of advanced technology. Average productivity of grain in these countries makes 70 c/hectares, and Ukraine, with its black soil and an abundance of fresh water, makes an average of 30 c/hectares.

There is such rule in world business — if you don’t invest in innovations at least 10 % from profit, your enterprise doesn’t develop, and sooner or later it will be killed by the competitors!