The main difference between aerodynamic and sieve separators is that the first one divides grain mixture by weight, and the second — by size. This is the advantage of Alistan-agro separators, as separation by weight gives the chance to select heavy, dense, most filled with nutrients, grains. Such grains have high germination, energy of germination and as a result, high productivity.

Figure a) shows how the grain is separated from the partial damage of healthy seeds. This is because the appearance of damage caused by pests, infections or mechanical action leads to a reduction of its weight.

At separation on sieves, grains with partial damages pass in one fraction with healthy as their size doesn’t change. This is illustrated in Figure b). That is, selecting seeds with sieve equipment, it should be understood that the number of rotten seeds in the total mass, can reach 30%. And removing of such seeds is only possible by means of calibration by weight, having reduced their quantity to 2-5 %.

We will consider the example from real life. We showed you the operation of ALS-5 at one of farms. We used sowing barley and wheat as a material for demonstration, which was selected on own equipment (double cleaning on BTsS and calibration on CM). After calibration on our separator 22-25 % of seeds appeared in 4 and 5 (garbage) fractions. All of them were puny or damaged, generally, unsuitable for crops (in the gallery of our website there is a picture of the barley previously calibrated by sieve machine). Besides, in garbage fraction there were a large number of weevils bugs (they can also be seen in the picture). Thus, the farm obviously reduced productivity of the fields on a quarter, putting a poor-quality sowing material.

So, the fact that you have sieve machine does not mean that you do not need Alistan-agro separator. The best option is to have both sieve and aerodynamic separators and to use them in a tandem. This way you ensure yourself the maximum yield, and therefore — the maximum profit!

P. S. After the demonstration the said farm purchased ALS-40 Alistan-agro separator.