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We offer grain cleaning machine ALS, productivity in cleaning from 5 to 240 tons per hour.
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Our machine for grain cleaning uses 10 times less electricity
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Alistan-agro separators – a high yield guarantee!

Alistan-agro Ltd. is one of the most promising scientific and industrial companies in Poland, leading active development in the field of grain cleaning technologies. Since 2009, there have been a lot of testing and “Alistan-agro” separator – has been constructed.experimentation; leading experts of the University of Aerodynamics together with our employees worked over upgrade of long-established but low-tech equipment. As a result, a grain cleaning machine of new generation–

Grain separator Alistan-agro has no analogues in the world. To sort the grain they use the long-established principle of the separation of granular mixtures in the air stream. But the method of creation of an air flow became their principal distinctive feature. Instead of a radial fan (snails), our engineers decided to use the blower impeller. The result was impressive, to create an air flow identical on force, the blower impeller required 3-4 times less electric power than the radial one. More detailed information about the differences of Alistan-agro grain-cleaning machines from their analogs, you can read here.

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Advantages of ALS grain cleaners


The most important parameter that ensures productivity is the width of the separation chamber. The wider the separation chamber – the wider the separators hopper is, and the wider the hopper – the wider the grain layer is. A wider layer of grain provides a bigger grain pouring to the separation chamber and, accordingly, productivity. Sure, you can increase the pouring by increasing the thickness of the grain layer from the hopper, but in this case you can forget about the quality of separation. A more powerful fan will also not save you, because the collision of seeds in a thick layer happens too often, and the separation becomes a chaotic process.


The wing impeller alone is not suitable for use in cleaning devices. It produces a stream that is heterogeneous in cross-section and very turbulent, the air moves progressively, rotatingly and swirls – turbulence appears. Whereas our ALS separators have a very effective aerodynamic system thanks to a special straightening device (straightener) developed by our engineers. It is installed directly after the impeller and eliminates all the above-mentioned drawbacks of the wing impeller itself. The presence of a straightener in our separators increases the precision of grain separation by 20-30% compared to separators with only the rotor and fan.

POK aspiration system

ALS separators can be equipped with additional options to increase productivity and improve grain processing. We have developed POK cyclones (dust collectors) – technologically advanced systems of suction and deposition in a special chamber of all the lightest impurities (dust, chaff) flowing out of the ALS through the light fraction discharge channel.

Light fraction catcher ULF

New device! We have developed and produced additional equipment for the ALS aerodynamic separators – light fraction catcher (ULF). The main function of the new device is to catch and hold light impurities from the air stream coming out of the separator.

OSC scalper (vibro-sieve)

When the extent of impurity of the starting material exceeds 5% or you have a grain mixture to clean or herbs seeds, we highly recommend using additional cleaning equipment – OSC scalper. It separates any coarse fractions from the starting material such as stones, pieces of ground, straw, spikelets, sticks etc. OSC is designed to work together with the ALS grain cleaner, but can also be used separately as a pre-cleaner.

  • Preliminary cleaning of seeds;
  • Calibration of a seed material on biological value;
  • High resolution capability of calibration of grain;
  • Separation of the most healthy seeds from the general lots;
  • Profitability, fast payback;
  • Separation of grain mixtures;
  • No grain injuries;
  • Working with grain of any moisture;
  • Rapid change of crop;
  • Simple design, high reliability and long life;
  • Easy set up, operation and maintainance;
  • Receiving of high-quality and inexpensive sowing material;
  • Can be used in different areas of the economy.

Why ALS is recommend to use for seed selection?

Alistan-agro Separators divide grain mixture by weight. The detail description of the principle of operation you can read here. Thus, it is possible to select light and heavy impurity from lots, to separate chaff and feeble grains from integral, dense grains.

Alistan-agro grain cleaners can operate in four modes:

  • Preliminary grain cleaning;
  • primary grain cleaning;
  • seed calibration;
  • mixed mode (simultaneous cleaning and calibration).

. . . . . . . . . grain

– – – – – air

1 – carcass

2 – grain loading

3 – separation chamber

4 – reflector

5 – adjustable shutter

6 – turbine

7 – electrical cabinet with control panel

8 – finished product receiver (tray)

9 – output of the exhaust air and contaminated impurities


Price and specifications

Productivity, t/h 5/3 8/5 10/7 15/10 30/20 60/40 75/50
Calibration , t/h Ju. 1.5 Ju. 2.5 Ju. 3,5 Ju. 5 Ju. 10 Ju. 20 Ju. 25
Energy consumption, kW/h 0.55 0.55 0.75 0.75 1.50 2.20 2.25
Length, mm 1650 2120 1870 2385 2385 2385 2300
Width, mm 820 757 852 800 1330 1510 1860
Height, mm 1755 1812 1884 2400 2400 2400 2350
Weight, kg 125 180 160 510 720 850 1150
Price 2400 € 3400 € 2800 € 4400 € 6700 € 9650 € 12680 €

ALS accessory – scalper (vibrating screen)

OSK-5 OSK-10 OSK-20 OSK-40 OSK-70
Productivity, t/h 7 10 20 40 70
Sieve size, mm 710×470 1300×470 1300×1000 1300×1150 1850×1650
Energy consumption, kW/h 0.37 0.37 0.37 0.37 0.56
Length, mm 800 1680 1680 1680 2110
Width, mm 600 670 1200 1350 1860
Height, mm 805 940 940 940 1035
Weight, kg 80 170 220 240 405
Price 1600 € 2150 € 2400 € 2650 € 3400 €

ALS accessory – cyclone

WOK-5 WOK-10 WOK-20 WOK-40
Productivité, t/h 7 10 20 40
Air volume, m^3/h 3000 3000 5000 5000
Energy consumption, kW/h 1.5 1.5 3.0 3.0
Length, mm 1260 5240 5240 5240
Width, mm 1240 1150 1700 1900
Height, mm 2710 2830 2830 2830
Weight, kg 210 450 650 750
Price 1650 € 2750 € 3700 € 4080 €
After grain processing on our separators it is possible to receive a sowing material with high germination and yield indexes. Seeds selected with sieve machines, have 10-30% lower yield. Information about comparison of Agrosepmash grain separator with sieve machines you can read here.

Alistan-agro Separators significantly improve economic performance of farms as they increase businesses productivity, raise yield and reduce general power consuming.

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